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Outcome 1
Demonstrate understanding of performance practices, context/s and influences on music works
In this area of study you will select and describe a Focus Area and research issues relevant to performance practice in that Focus Area. You will use aural comprehension, music theory and general musicianship knowledge and skills as you listen critically to recordings of performances and examine relevant texts including musical scores. You will research and analyse, aurally and visually, a sample of music works that includes works selected for performance, as well as other works that are representative of the Focus Area, to gain a broad understanding of stylistic and structural characteristics. You will develop knowledge of performance practises used by leading practitioners associated with the Focus Area. You will also develop knowledge of relevant influences on the works that are representative of the Focus Area. You will use appropriate music terminology and language to describe and discuss characteristics of selected works.

Outcome 2


Compose, improvise and/or arrange and discuss music characteristics and performance practices


In this area of study you will apply research findings from Outcome 1. You will create a folio of composition or arrangement exercises, sketches, or recorded improvisations that demonstrate understanding of the Focus Area. You will undertake a variety of composition/improvisation/arranging tasks to explore characteristics typical of the sample of works studied in Outcome 1 and works selected for performance. You will also develop an understanding of the influence of idiomatic instrumental techniques, performance conventions, the skill levels of performers and other practical considerations that may have an impact on the compositional process. You will create a score or recording that can be used to prepare and present a performance of selected exercises. You will discuss characteristics of your completed exercises in relation to research findings from Outcome 1.Below is attached the criteria sheet for Outcome 2 outlining the tasks you can undertake to compose technical exercises, arrange selected works or improvise.

Outcome Three
Be able to present a performance of music works that communicates understanding of the Focus Area

In this area of study you will plan, rehearse and perform a program of works representative of the selected Focus Area. You will develop relevant instrumental and performance techniques and apply performance practises to build your expertise as a performer. You will consolidate your ability to present musically engaging performances using the performance practises and conventions relevant to your Focus Area. Through regular performance in a variety of contexts, you will explore ways of expressively shaping your chosen works and develop your ability to communicate your artistic intentions to an audience. You will extend your instrumental skills through regular practice and explore ways to develop empathy and other ensemble skills through rehearsal with other musicians, as appropriate.

Below is attached the outline of work tasks to complete for Outcome 3, as well as the criteria and requirements of the Technical Exam