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The following resources are designed for the Unit 1 & 2 VCE Music  Style & Composition Course.

Area of Study 1 - Responses to Music

In BOTH Unit 1 & 2 the first Outcome assessment is based around Critical Listening. We will listen to a wide variety of compositions from a wide variety of styles and we will explore how different compositional devices & the Elements of Music are used to create compositional outcomes. The assessment for this Outcome will be a short response Exam during class time where you will write responses on selected Previously Unheard Works. To prepare yourself for this assessment we will regularly take part in critical listening tasks in class time. 

Unit 1 Coursework Journal

Unit 2 Coursework Journal

This resource is designed to assist with your development of knowledge around the Elements of Music. This Elements of Music Journal will for the base of the FLIPPED Classroom Homework Tasks for this Area of Study. There is an iBook version of this resource which is available for download through  Compass or the iTunes U course.

Area of Study 2 - Organisation & Context

In BOTH Unit 1 & 2 the second Outcome assessment is based around our analysis of how the Elements of Music & Compositional Devices are used to create compositional outcomes in a variety of different situations. In Unit 1 we explore how music is created in 3 vastly different genres/styles. In Unit 2 we explore how music is used in multi-disciplinary works.
The studied areas for each unit are:
  • Unit 1 - The Blues/Rock n Roll, Music of Africa & Baroque Music
  • Unit 2 - Music in Film, Music in Animations & Music on Stage (Musical Theatre)

Area of Study 3 - Creative Responses

In BOTH Unit 1 & 2 the third Outcome assessment is based around the development of your Creative Responses or Compositions. In Unit 1 you will work to develop a series of Compositional Exercises that demonstrate the knowledge you have acquired through the analysis of studied areas in Outcome 2. In Unit 2 you will apply these skills in the creation of a original work. There will be class time allocated to the development of these compositions.

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Year 11 Music Style & Composition

Course Code: DH2-QY6-M24

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