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Class Resources for the 2nd Year of the VET Certificate III in Technical Production

Please click on the icons below to be directed to the appropriate digital resource.



This subject is a fully SCORED ASSESSMENT VCE SUBJECT meaning that there are 3 Major Sccored elements and a End of Year Exam which contribute to a students study score for their ATAR.


For this course Sandringham College is Auspiced through COSAMP (College of Sound and Audio Music Production) and we deliver their Certificate III in Technocal Production Course. Over the 2 years students will complete assessments which have been designed by COSAMP and at the completion of the course COSAMP will issue the Qualification. All delivery is undertaken at the Senior Campus of Sandringham College with high trained and professional trainers.


The 3 Major Scored Assessments that students will complete as part of this Certificate study are a PORTFOLIO, PRODUCT and WORK PERFORMANCE, all of which have the details listed  to the right.


Further details and resources are available by clicking the scored assessment icon at the top of this page.