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Class Resources for the 1st Year of the VET Certificate III in Technical Production


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Core Units of Competence

Elective Units of Competence

Course Outline, Auspicing Agreements & Study Pathway in VCE.


This course is a fully scored and assessed VCE VET course in Year 12. This means that students tudying this course as a part of their Year 12 studies will complete 3 scored assessments and a end of year exam which will go towards calculating their ATAR score. For a student to be ellidgable to complete the Year 12 component of this course, the student MUST have completed 1st year studies. As this course is spread out over 2 years students MUST complete first year to continue over into the 2nd year study. This is called concurrent learning.


Successful completion of BOTH years of the course will give students access to ear the Certificate III Qualificate. If students leave the course anytime before the end of the 2nd year of study, they will receive a Statement of Attainment for the Units of Competence that they ahve achieved as well as either a Unit 1 or 2 (or both) credit towards their VCE, depending on when the student exits the course.


For this course Sandringham College is Auspiced through COSAMP (College of Sound and Audio Music Production) and we deliver their Certificate III in Technocal Production Course. Over the 2 years students will complete assessments which have been designed by COSAMP and at the completion of the course COSAMP will issue the Qualification. All delivery is undertaken at the Senior Campus of Sandringham College with high trained and professional trainers.